Med-QUEST Determinations

The Department of Human Services (DHS) Med-QUEST Division (MQD) provides eligible low-income adults and children access to health and medical coverage through managed care plans.

On October 1, 2013, in compliance with mandates of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the DHS launched, KOLEA, an on-line system that simplifies the application and eligibility determination process.

For the period of May 2015

Calls to MQD Call Center                3,249


  • On-line                                 2,353
  • Paper                                     1,496
  • Phone                                      185

Individuals determined Medicaid Eligible (excludes CHIP)

  • MAGI                                                 37,816
  • Non-MAGI                                    10,231
  • Determined CHIP Eligible       3,105

Individuals determined Medicaid Ineligible (excludes CHIP)          11,757
(Applications sent to Hawaii Health Connector for tax incentive and cost-share determinations)

For the Period of January – June 2015

Calls to MQD Call Center                                    37,896


  • On-line                                                            17,041
  • Paper                                                                9,212
  • Phone                                                                2,573

Individuals determined Medicaid Eligible (excludes CHIP)

  • MAGI                                                                    208,389
  • Non-MAGI                                                         60,294
  • Determined CHIP Eligible                           17,132

Individuals determined Medicaid Ineligible             73,218

(Applications sent to Hawaii Health Connector for tax incentive and cost-share determinations)



  • Method of counting applications changed in January 2015 to align with federal reporting requirements
  • Calls reflect the number of calls received by the MQD Call Center.  (Excludes calls to MQD eligibility units)
  • Eligibility determinations are made at the end of each week, and reported the following week.  This number does not necessarily reflect to-date enrollment numbers
  • Medicaid determinations = MAGI + non-MAGI eligible determinations (Excludes CHIP)
  • Total eligible and ineligible count = Medicaid + CHIP
  • These figures do not include state-funded programs